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    Dog nurses Tiger triplets at China zoo Thu May 17, 7:43 AM ET

    It's a dog's life for three newborn tiger triplets in eastern China. The cubs, whom officials at the Jinan Paomaling Wild Animal World in Shandong province are so far just calling "One," "Two" and "Three," have been nursed by a dog since they were rejected by their tiger mother shortly after birth, said Paomaling manager Chen Yucai.

    The trio's adoptive mother, a mixed breed farm dog called "Huani," is expected to nurse them for about a month or until their appetites outpace her supply, Chen said.

    Chen said it is common for Chinese zoos to use surrogate dog mothers to nurse rejected tiger cubs and that Huani has nursed tigers before.

    In the past, Paomaling put dog urine on their rejected cub's fur to make the surrogate think she was nursing one of her own puppies but the zoo didn't bother with Huani because she seemed not to mind nursing the tigers, he said.

    "The family is getting along well and seems to enjoy each other," Chen said.[/img]
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    Kati antistoixo eixa akousei gia mia gourouna pou thilze liontarakia! Mia stigmi na psaxo mpas kai to vro! Pantos elpizo megalonontas ta tigrakia na min vlepoun tin skila san fai! Otan auto to kanoun zoa to vlepoume haritomeno! Fantazeste omos ti tha sinevaine an kapoia stigmi mathainame gia ginaika pou na thilaze skilakia, i alla zoa? Polemos!
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