Hi I am Agnes and I am a Vet,so if you have any questions...

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  1. agnes

    agnes New Member

    Hi I am Agnes and I am a Vet...so if you have any questions, i hope I can help you....
    Sorry for my English, but I'm not so good in writing in Greek yet.... But still - if somebody needs the answer in Greek - I'll try to make it.

    Many greetings to all of you,
  2. Niva2gr

    Niva2gr Moderator

    Hello Agnes! I would like to ask you: Can you treat rabbits, or do you know anyone in Greece that can do it? I have 2 rabbits, i am from Livadeia, and there is no vet around here gualified enough to do it, although there is a vet here that is working towards it!
  3. agnes

    agnes New Member



    I saw your city in internet and it seems nice...On my next trip I'll try to visit it .... :) But now to the subject: Here in Greece I didn't have any rabbit - client... yet...(Beside our rabbits we have in the village. :wink: and two that we had for some months here at home - they went to the village because of plenty of cats we got...) So I can say that we know "something" about rabbits-life and their sicknesses.It is very good that you have two rabbits together...some people have singe rabbit :( at home...

    Many greetings,
  4. Niva2gr

    Niva2gr Moderator

    Tha bad news is that the second rabbit has been here for not more than a week! And both of them are males, and unneutered ones! Bonding them is going to be very difficult and time-consuming, as the new rabbit is very possessive and short-tempered! So, athough i already have found a vet that is willing to learn whatever he can about rabbits, he refuses to neuter them when the time comes due to his loss of experience! That's why i am looking for a vet near Levadeia that can responsibly neuter two male rabbits! Anyway if you want you can note me when you arrive here, so that we can meet! I would really like to meet you!
  5. agnes

    agnes New Member

    Good morning :)

    If you want - we can neuter your rabbits on next Saturday.After the surgery you can take them home. But you need to have in the cages bottle with warm water and towers. They need warm after operation, because they are very sensitive.

    The males can be together if they are neutered, because after that they will not fight anymore. Besides the rabbits should not be alone - they don't feel comfortable.Since hundred years they are living in groups and they need it for their wellness. :wink:

    Have a good wekend,

    PS. How old are they?
  6. Niva2gr

    Niva2gr Moderator

    Wow, thank you for the quick response! Well, the rabbits are both not more than 4 months old! Their testicals haven't "dropped" yet! Thevet here sais that they are still too young! Canyou neuter such young rabbits? If you want you may send me in my messenger your telephone number, so that we can talk privately and sort things out! I would really love to meet you, even throughthe phone and talk about some things! I would appreciate your professional opinion!
  7. agnes

    agnes New Member


    so,your rabbits are still to young to neuter them....you have to wait a little bit more...as your vet told you.

    Wish you a good week and if you have any questions - ask. :wink:

  8. Δάφνη

    Δάφνη New Member

    Question about worms

    hello Agnes

    Two days ago I found 4 kittens without a mother. I think they 're about 3 weeks old and I am giving them powdered milk (KMR) and a little bit of solid food, but they're not ready to give up milk yet. I just want to ask if ti's too early to give them Banmith for the worms. All of their tummies are quite large and I am worried that all of them have worm problems. Should I wait a few more days or should I give them Banmith now?

  9. m@ry

    [email protected] New Member

    Hello Agnes,
    Do you have any knowledge about guinea pigs :confused5: ?
  10. kennedy2

    kennedy2 New Member

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