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    I stumbled upon this article as I was going through the RSPCA website. Lucky is one of the six finalists for the title “RSPCA rescue dog of the year 2008”.

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    Lucky's story:
    We first saw Lucky on a road several miles out of Argostoli in Kefalonia, Greece. This was completely by accident as we had taken a wrong turn and found ourselves on a road used only by lorries that were too big to use the more direct route. She was using an old metal bridge as shelter from the heat and to hide from the lorries that crossed over it.

    When we first saw her she was standing at the side of the road and it was immediately obvious something was wrong. She was skeletal and ghost-like. She looked straight at us as we approached in the car and made her way into a very small gap just under the bridge.

    'She looked close to death'
    Stray dogs are a common sight in the towns of Kefalonia, but she had no access to food and water and we were at least five miles from the nearest village in whichever direction. Clearly no one was feeding her and she looked close to death.

    She had found herself a good hiding spot under the bridge amongst the rubble and broken glass, and as there was no way she would allow us near her we decided to find some food and water and return later.

    We returned with supplies and put the water at the entrance to her hiding place and moved away so that she could drink it. She obviously had not seen water in some time judging by the way she drank it - the temperature must have been approaching 90ºF (32ºC) in the sun.

    'Local authorities were not interested'
    We returned daily - all the while on a mission to get her into some sort of care. The local authorities were simply not interested, but the vet did put us in contact with a lady who runs the Kefalonian Animal Trust (KAT). She in turn also arranged some help from people she knew who ran riding stables/dog kennels.

    Because Lucky was so traumatised, we could not get close to her so we had no option but to sedate her. This wasn't difficult as she was still very hungry. The problem was she went to sleep under the bridge so it was not easy to get her out.

    'Today she is a happy, confident, loving dog'
    After a successful rescue we decided she was coming back to the UK. We made arrangements with the local vet and the kennels to obtain a Pet Passport and she served her time before being cleared to come home.

    Lucky had been with us for about a year when she finally managed to put all her terrors behind her, and today she is a happy, confident, loving dog.

    Source: ... 0375378332
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