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    I'd like to write for you something about parasites - skoulikia - also because we have now march-april-parasite-days in our clinic.

    I'll not tell you all the facts of parasitology, because it is not so interesting for you - I think... The most important for you and your animals is to protect them and yourself.


    Gastrointestinal parasites can be transmitted from mother to puppy/kitten before birth, from mother to puppy/kitten while nursing, via consumption of eggs and larvae, from the environment or when an animal consumes eggs, larvae or contaminated material. If your animals have fleas - they have most propobly also worms...and.... if your animals have worms...you can also get them - very easy-unfortunatelly...

    Very often you can't see worms, only your vet can see them with the microscope. So you can't be sure that your animal has or has not worms.


    First deworming you should do for the puppies 14 days old /kittens 4 weeks old with a special medicine for puppies/kittens. And than every 2 weeks untill they will be 8-10 weeks old. After/while you should give deworming with every vaccination and after the vaccination - every 3 months forever. There are a lot of medicines for deworming and some of them are very good.

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