1. Hy my Name is Julia, i'm new here on Board ;)
    I've been living 4 years in Greece...and am still learning the Greek language.

    This is my cat.... he is 1 year old and I got it from the street.
    He was a baby and I was instantly in love with him.


    Tuxedo cats are not a cat breed.
    They just have a very unique coat pattern and coloring.
    In fact, tuxedo cats are bi-color cats.They are true black and white feline beauties.
    They are stunning, with their white bibs and socks against their sleek and black coats.

    have a nice Day.....♥

    Tuxedo is the American term for a smoking and so they are always well dressed for a Party :biggrin5:
  2. Sugarcube

    Sugarcube New Member

    Your cat is beautiful!
    I'm living in Australia but I grew up in Greece and I really wish I could go back.
    I'm sick of the stupid laws here...

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